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VG 96969-1
Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices - Free external connector, d.c. 28 V - Part 1: Requirements, detail specification; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Elektrische Steckverbinder und Steckvorrichtungen - Freier Aussenbord-Steckverbinder, d.c. 28 V - Teil 1: Anforderungen, Bauartnorm; Text Deutsch und Englisch


The presented standard is a product standard for connectors. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 140-00-14-01 UA "Steckverbinder und Steckvorrichtungen" ("Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices") of the Electrical Engineering Standards Committee (NE) at DIN. This standard is valid in connection with VG 95319-2, VG 96969-2 and VG 96969-3 for free external connectors without breaking capacity and d.c. 28 V rated voltage. Properties, requirements and general regulations which are common for all types of connectors are included in VG 95319-2. Connectors according to this standard are subject to qualification approval according to VG 95211.

Responsible national committee

NA 140-00-14-01 UA - Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices 

Edition 2011-11
Original language German, English
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