NA 140

DIN Standards Committee Electrical Engineering


Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices - connectors with thread coupling, water-protected, up to 245 A - Part 1: Requirements, tests, detail standard; Text in German and English


This standard is applicable in connection with VG 95319-2:2019-02, VG 95319-2/A1:2018-10, VG 95342-2 and VG 95342-4 to VG 95342-7 for connectors without protective contact and protection against electric shock hazard. Requirements and regulations which are identical for all types of components are included in the basic standard VG 95319-2:2019-02 and VG 95319-2/A1:2018-10.



Planned document number

VG 95342-1

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Responsible national committee

NA 140-00-14-01 UA - Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices 

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Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices - connectors with thread coupling, water-protected, up to 245 A - Part 1: Requirements, tests, detail specification; Text in German and English

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