NA 140

DIN Standards Committee Electrical Engineering


Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices - 1 pole connector with threaded coupling, screened, pressure-water tight, up to 1 000 A, up to AC 875 V - Part 1: Requirements, tests, detail standard; Text in German and English


This standard is valid for pressure-water-tight electrical connectors without breaking capacity (COC) with threaded coupling and with crimp or screw contacts and leading protective contact electrical connected with the shell and with pilot contact in connection with the respective standards of the same VG-number (consecutive parts) and contains the requirements and tests which are the same for these connectors. Requirements and regulations which are identical for all types of components are included in the basic standard VG 95319-2:2012-12.



Planned document number

VG 96976-1

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NA 140-00-14-01 UA - Electrical connectors and plug-and-socket devices 


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