NA 017

DIN Standards Committee Printing and Graphic Technology

ISO/TC 130
Graphic technology

ISO/TC 130 addresses standardization in the field of printing and graphic technologies. This field covers all phases of the process, where graphic elements (image, text, line art, pattern and others) are created, manipulated, assembled, communicated, and finally delivered electronically as digital products or physically to substrates using inks, toners and other marking or functional materials, and finished as demanded by the end applications.

ISO/TC 130 standards include but are not limited to those of terminology, evaluation of visual appearance and product quality, data exchange, process control, management, conformity assessment, impacts on the environments as well as requirements on and testing of the related materials, equipment and systems.


Where actual or potential overlap in scope with other TCs/SCs such as ISO/TC 42, TC 6, TC 256, TC 35, IEC/TC 100 and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 28, coordination through liaison or JWG with the concerned TC should be maintained or/and actively pursued.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 130

Committee ID Name
NA 017 BR Steering Committee of DIN Standards Committee Printing and Graphic