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DIN 2000
Central drinking water supply - Guidelines regarding requirements for drinking water, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of supply plants

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Zentrale Trinkwasserversorgung - Leitsätze für Anforderungen an Trinkwasser, Planung, Bau, Betrieb und Instandhaltung der Versorgungsanlagen


DIN 2000 is the guideline for centralized drinking water supply with a correspondingly long tradition. It is virtually the link between legal regulations such as the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV 2001) and the German Water Resources Management Act (WHG) and the corresponding process-, system- and product-specific technical regulations with regard to the handling of drinking water resources, water extraction, treatment, storage and distribution. The focus here is on ensuring that users are supplied with hygienically safe drinking water while taking ecological and economic aspects into account. The new edition takes greater account of the framework conditions, in particular the available drinking water resources. Furthermore, the standard has been reduced to principles of action. With regard to detailed technical solutions, reference is made to the relevant regulations. The standard has been prepared on the basis of corresponding activities of a DVGW project group by DIN-DVGW Joint Committee NA 119-07-01 AA "Leitsätze Trinkwasserversorgung" ("Guidelines drinking water supply" at DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW).

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NA 119-07-01 AA - Guidelines drinking water supply  

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