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DIN 19645
Treatment of spent filter backwash water from systems for treatment of water of swimming-pools and baths

Title (German)

Aufbereitung von Spülabwässern aus Anlagen zur Aufbereitung von Schwimm- und Badebeckenwasser


After revision of the DIN 19643 series of standards "Treatment of water of swimming pools and baths", it became necessary to adapt DIN 19645 accordingly. In particular, the fact that saline rinse water from brine or mineral water circulation is increasingly being treated without desalination by reverse osmosis for technical, energy and ecological reasons was taken into account. The standard has been prepared by DIN-DVGW Joint Working Committee NA 119-07-13 AA "Chemicals and plants for water treatment" at DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW).

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NA 119-07-16 AA - Treatment of swimming pool water  

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