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DIN 19633
Ion exchanger, adsorption resins and hybrid adsorber for water treatment - Technical delivery conditions

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Ionenaustauscher, Adsorberharze und Hybridadsorber zur Wasseraufbereitung - Technische Lieferbedingungen


This document is a new edition of DIN 19633, which now also includes adsorption resins, hybrid adsorbers and chelate resins. In the course of the revision the relevant parameters including corresponding tolerances, and the respective test methods have also been adapted. For this purpose, Resolution ResAP(2004)3 of the Council of Europe regarding ion exchange and adsorbent resins used in the processing of foodstuffs serves as the basis of orientation. The standard has been prepared by NA 119-04-02 AA "Wasseraufbereitung" ("Drinking water treatment") of the Water Practice Standards Committee (NAW) in DIN.

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NA 119-07-13 AA - Chemicals and plants for water treatment  

Edition 2013-03
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