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DIN 4943
Graphical layout and documentation of wells and ground water measuring points

Title (German)

Zeichnerische Darstellung und Dokumentation von Brunnen und Grundwassermessstellen


This standard is an updated new edition. The graphical layout of wells and ground water measuring points are specified. The layouts refer particularly to the relevant data of well boring, well engineering, introduced bulk materials as well as dismantling and refurbishment of wells. Along with illustrative and graphical specifications, the identification colour code and explanatory verbal statements are designated. The annexes provide samples and examples of application for the technical and hydrological data to be laid out and documented. The standard is directed at planners, well builders and operators of installations. Electronic data processing specifications for graphical and tabular documentation of all data important for structures are taken into consideration. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 119-04-11 AA "Brunnenbau" ("Well construction") of NAW.

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Responsible national committee

NA 119-07-03-01 UA - Components and products for drilling technology and well construction 

Edition 2013-09
Original language German
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