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DIN 10510
Food hygiene - Commercial dishwashing with multitank-transportdishwashers - Hygiene requirements, procedure testing

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Lebensmittelhygiene - Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen mit Mehrtank-Transportgeschirrspülmaschinen - Hygienische Anforderungen, Verfahrensprüfung


Due to a proposed amendment regarding the sampling location (5.4.2, C.2.2 and C.2.4) and the definition of the contact time (3.7) in DIN 10510:2008-06, an adjustment of individual specifications in standard DIN 10510 has become necessary. DIN 10510 specifies hygiene requirements relating to the design, construction and operation of commercial multitank-transportdishwashers. It provides in particular information on hygienic and proper operation, on cleaning and disinfection of the wash ware and on care and maintenance of the machinery. It also contains information on proper spatial and functional arrangements within the kitchen area and for proper and hygienic organisation of the wash ware cycle. The methods described in the standard for testing the hygienic operation allow for proper operation of the multitank-transportdishwashers in order to ensure that the user is protected from health hazards. Users of the standard are in particular mass catering facilities, for example refectories, canteens, cafeterias as well as kitchens and food distribution points in hospitals, social organizations, rehabilitation facilities, schools, nurseries, barracks and correctional facilities and cafés and restaurants, if appropriate, in which multitank-transportdishwasers are used. Hygienically flawless condition of the wash ware is important in particular for specifically vulnerable groups of persons in hospitals or nursing homes. The standard has been prepared by Working Group NA 057-02-01-08 AK "Hygieneanforderungen an die maschinelle Reinigung von Lebensmittelbedarfsgegenständen" ("Hygiene requirements on the mechanical cleaning of utensils and materials with contact to foodstuffs") at Working Committee NA 057-02-01 AA "Lebensmittelhygiene" ("Food hygiene") at NAL.

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NA 057-02-01-08 AK - Hygiene requirements on the mechanical cleaning of utensils and materials with contact to foodstuffs 

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