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DIN 55423-1
Transportation chain for meat and meat products - Part 1: Rigid, stackable, reusable transport and storing crates made of plastics; Dimensions, weights, design

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Transportkette für Fleisch und Fleischerzeugnisse - Teil 1: Starre, stapelbare Mehrwegtransport- und Lagerkästen aus Kunststoff; Maße, Gewichte, Ausführung


This document is applicable for rigid reusable transport and storage crates made of plastics. These crates serve for transport and storage of meat and meat products. The described crates shall be manufactured as such and shall be used such that the relevant valid food regulations are complied with. The meat crates are aligned with the area module (600×400) mm of the transportation chain and are suitable for use on wheel and roller conveyors. Meat crates are classified as interchangeable in accordance with this document. The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 55423-1:1994-12: a) the title has been modified; b) the designation of the crates has been modified; c) the figures have been revised; d) individual dimensions of the crates have been supplemented; e) marking by affixing RFID technology has been supplemented; f) the document has been revised editorially. The revision has been performed by Working Committee NA 115-03-03 AA "Behältersysteme" ("Package systems") of the Packaging Standards Committee (NAVp).

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NA 115-03-03 AA - Package systems 

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