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DIN Standards Committee Packaging

DIN 55440-1 references following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 12048 2001-04 Packaging - Complete, filled transport packages - Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester (ISO 12048:1994); German version EN ISO 12048:2000 More 
DIN EN ISO 186 2002-08 Paper and board - Sampling to determine average quality (ISO 186:2002); German version EN ISO 186:2002 More 
DIN EN ISO 2233 2001-11 Packaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads - Conditioning for testing (ISO 2233:2000); German version EN ISO 2233:2001 More 
DIN EN ISO 7500-1 2018-06 Metallic materials - Calibration and verification of static uniaxial testing machines - Part 1: Tension/compression testing machines - Calibration and verification of the force-measuring system (ISO 7500-1:2018); German version EN ISO 7500-1:2018 More 
DIN EN 20187 1993-11 Paper, board and pulps; standard atmosphere for conditioning and testing and procedure for monitoring the atmosphere and conditioning of samples (ISO 187:1990); German version EN 20187:1993 More 
DIN EN 22206 1993-02 Packaging; complete, filled transport packages; identification of parts when testing (ISO 2206:1987); german version EN 22206:1992 More 
DIN 51220 2003-08 Materials testing machines - Generals for requirements and for verification and calibration of materials testing machines More 
DIN 55446 1991-11 Packaging; means of packaging and complete filled transport packages; sampling More