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DIN SPEC 23605
Technical product specification (TPS) - Application guidance - Structured and commented overview of ISO- and DIN-Standards for technical product documentation (TPD) and geometrical product specification (GPS)

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Technische Produktspezifikation (TPS) - Anwendungsunterstützung - Strukturierte und kommentierte Übersicht der ISO- und DIN-Normen zu Technischer Produktdokumentation (TPD) und Geometrischer Produktspezifikation (GPS)


Technical Report


This document provides guidance for the preparation of technical product specifications (TPS) in mechanical engineering. It contains a list of the standards for geometrical product specifications (GPS) supplemented by comments and recommendations and a list of the standards for technical product specification (TPS). Furthermore, it contains a list of the associated national (not international "pure") DIN standards. The GPS standards are classified under the GPS matrix (see Annex C and DIN V 32950). The classification of the national DIN standards shall also serve to identify overlaps, gaps and contradictions and to provide the information to be used in standardization work for harmonization. This DIN SPEC 23605 has been prepared by Working Committee NA 152-03-02 AA "CEN/ISO Geometrische Produktspezifikation und -prüfung" ("CEN/ISO Dimensional and geometrical product specification and verification") at the Standards Committee Technical Fundamentals(NATG) at DIN. It is the modified version of ISO/TR 23605:2009, that is supplemented by the current purely national standards and specifications on TPS for all topics.Due to the larger interval of the publication date, the list of the ISO standards has been updated with respect to ISO/TR 23605. DIN SPEC therefore provides a complete overview from DIN's perspective on the current standards and specifications for the technical product specification. It is planned to regularly update this document following ISO/TR 23605.

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NA 152-03-02 AA - CEN/ISO Geometrical product specifications and verification 

Edition 2014-02
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