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DIN ISO 10966
Sports and recreational equipment - Fabrics for awnings - Specification (ISO 10966:2011)

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Sport- und Freizeitgerät - Flächengebilde für Vorzelte - Anforderungen (ISO 10966:2011)


This standard specifies the most important material characteristics for woven fabrics for awnings. It can also be applied to other types of fabrics. It uses the following awning classification in accordance with ISO 8936: Awning: - type W: winter awning; - type R: residential awning; - type T: touring awning. With respect to the still existing DIN ISO 10966:2005-11, the content relevant for camping tents has been moved to the product standard DIN ISO 5912 (Camping tents) so that this standard DIN ISO 10966 contains exclusively requirements for fabrics and materials for awnings. The International Standard ISO 10966:2011 has been prepared by Subcommittee 2 "Camping Tents" at ISO/TC 83 "Sports and recreational equipment", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). The responsible national committee is Working Committee NA 112-02-01 AA "Campingzelte" ("Camping tents") of the Sports Equipment Standards Committee (NASport) at DIN.

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NA 112-02-01 AA - Camping tents 

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