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Sustainability in sport and leisure - Sustainability characteristics for products and services - Identification, prioritization, evaluation

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Nachhaltigkeit in Sport und Freizeit - Nachhaltigkeitsmerkmale für Produkte und Dienstleistungen - Ermittlung, Priorisierung, Bewertung




Sustainable development (sustainability) is a globally recognized guiding principle in politics, science, business and civil society. All types of organisations have a responsibility to contribute to sustainable development. Sustainable development combines the goals of high quality of life, health and prosperity with social justice and maintains the Earth's capacity to support life in all its diversity. These social, economic and environmental objectives are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Sustainable development can be seen as a way of expressing the overriding expectations of society as a whole [according to DIN ISO 26000:2011-01, term 2.23]. The value of an organisation (for example, a company) is the sum of its economic, ecological and social activities and services. In order to continuously increase the value of a company, it makes sense to consider these three areas (economic, ecological and social) in a balanced relationship. For sustainability considerations, there is already a multitude of standards, guidelines, scientific elaborations and so on. Sustainability assessments are based, among other things, on the principles of honesty, transparency, comparability and completeness, including all relevant stakeholders. In addition to sustainability considerations, the basic requirements for functionality, quality and design for sports and leisure products are important indicators that also have to be taken into account. This specification has been developed specifically for products and services that have been standardised in the sports and leisure sector and is based on ISO Guide 82 and existing standards available for the consideration of sustainability (see Clause 2 and Bibliography). This specification provides guidance on how requirements for the sustainability of products and services can be integrated into existing standards and how sustainable development in general can be taken into account in the product life cycle or in the service life cycle. Sustainability reports can then be produced. This specification may also be applied to other products and services which are not standardised or which do not belong to the sports and leisure sector.

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NA 112-08-02 AA - Sustainability 

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