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DIN SPEC 79600
Safety requirements for the operation of adventure activities

Title (German)

Sicherheitsrelevante Anforderungen an die Durchführung von Erlebnisaktivitäten


Technical Report


This DIN SPEC specifies safety requirements for the operation of adventure activities. It is not applicable for adventure activities operated by people who have been trained in accordance with the generally recognized rules of professional associations and who use these rules. It serves as a guideline/support for the operation of adventure activities. The Technical Report is a basic standard which provides general safety requirements for the entire range of adventure activities. Requirements for the provider, supervisor and participant of adventure activities, as well as safety measures and environmental protection are referred to thereby. The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 112-07-06 AA "Sicherheitssysteme für Erlebnisaktivitäten" ("Safety systems for adventure activities") at DIN.

Responsible national committee

NA 112-07-06 AA - Safety systems for adventure activities 

Edition 2011-03
Original language German
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