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DIN ISO 23601
Safety identification - Escape and evacuation plan signs (ISO 23601:2009)

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Sicherheitskennzeichnung - Flucht- und Rettungspläne (ISO 23601:2009)


This standard specifies design principles for escape and evacuation plan signs. These plans contain information for facility users about relevant escape routes, evacuation and fire fighting equipment. These plans may also be used by intervention forces, in case of emergency. The plans are intended to be displayed in a clearly visible manner in public areas and workplaces. The standard is not applicable to plans to be used by external safety services nor detailed professional technical drawings for use by specialists. DIN ISO 23601 contains the international safety signs according to ISO 7010, which currently differ from those given in DIN 4844-2:2001 and ASR A1.3 (edition 2007-04). It is intended to adopt the safety signs of ISO 7010 in Germany as well and to revise DIN 4844-2 and ASR A1.3 accordingly. The safety signs according to DIN 4844-2:2001 and ASR A1.3 (edition 2007-04) are valid as long as the safety signs according to ISO 7010 have not been adopted. Although the standard contains information for mounting the rules of behaviour in the case of fire and accident, the design and the contents of the rules of behaviour are not, however, specified. The example layouts of escape plans in informative Annex A only contain examples for the rules of behaviour. The present shape in Germany has been proven useful, where the rules of behaviour in the case of fire have a red border and the rules of behaviour in the case of accident have a green border. It is recommended to take the 5 "W" questions into account when setting up the rules of behaviour. The International Standard has been prepared by ISO/TC 145 "Graphical symbols", Subcommittee SC 2 "Safety identification, signs, shapes, symbols and colours" with the substantial participation of German experts. On the national level, the responsible Committee is Joint Working Committee NA 095-01-06 GA "Sicherheitskennzeichnung" ("Safety identification") of the Safety Design Principles Standards Committee (NASG). The following changes have been made with respect to DIN 4844-3:2003-09: a) ISO 23601:2009 has been adopted; b) colour coding of the point of location of the viewer has been changed; c) colour differentiation between horizontal and vertical escape routes has been omitted; d) new minimum scales have been specified for the plans, depending on the size of the facility; e) the sizes of plans to be located in individual rooms have been specified; f) rules of behaviour in the case of fire and in the case of accident can also be displayed separately in the area about the plans; g) provisions for the location of the plans have been added; h) example layouts of plans have been changed in informative Annex A.

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NA 095-01-06 GA - Joint working committee NASG/DKE: Safety identification 

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