NA 092

DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes


Welding for aerospace applications - Visual inspection of welds (ISO 19828:2017); Text in German and English


This International Standard specifies the requirements for visual inspection of welds in metallic materials and requirements for qualification and certification of personnel for visual weld inspection. This document was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 44, Welding and allied processes, Subcommittee SC 14, Welding and brazing in aerospace. The German mirror committee for this project is NA 092-00-17 AA "Welding in aerospace (DVS AG A 9)" in the DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes.



Planned document number

DIN ISO 19828

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 092-00-17 AA - Welding in aerospace (DVS AG A 9) 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 44/SC 14 - Welding and brazing in aerospace 

draft standard

Welding for aerospace applications - Visual inspection of welds (ISO 19828:2017); Text in German and English
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