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DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes


DIN 65118
Welding in aerospace - Welded metallic components - Indications in design documents and general design requirements

Title (German)

Schweißen im Luft- und Raumfahrzeugbau - Geschweißte metallische Bauteile - Angaben in Bauunterlagen und allgemeine konstruktive Anforderungen


This standard has been prepared by NA 092-00-17 AA "Schweißen im Luft- und Raumfahrzeugbau (DVS AG A9)" ("Welding in aerospace (DVS AG A 9)") of the Welding Standards Committee (NAS). This standard shall be applied to welded metallic components in aerospace constructions. It specifies the basics for adequate welding information in drawings, which are intended to ensure the required quality of welds; it contains general requirements for the design of welds. The contents of the previous standards DIN 65118-1 and -2 have been combined and streamlined.

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NA 092-00-17 AA - Welding in aerospace (DVS AG A 9) 

Edition 2010-09
Original language German, English
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