NA 092

DIN Standards Committee Welding and allied processes

NA 092-00-08 AA
Soldering (DVS AG V 6.2)

The Technical Committee develops DIN Standards as well as DVS guidelines in the field of soldering. This includes the standardization of terms and definitions, classification standards, standards for soldering procedure specifications, soldering procedure tests, acceptance tests for soldering equipment, quality requirements and quality levels as well as the design of soldered joints and recommendations for soldering of metallic materials.

Subordinate Committees of NA 092-00-08 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 092-00-08-01 AK -dormant Wave soldering 0
NA 092-00-08-03 AK -dormant Coordination DIN-DKE 0
NA 092-00-08-04 AK -dormant Revision of ISO 9453 (DVS AG V 6.11) 0


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