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Commonly used steels and aluminium alloys for pressure equipment in hydrogen applications


his document provides an overview of commonly used harmonized European steels and aluminium alloys for metallic industrial valves, industrial piping and pressure vessels for use in hydrogen applications. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of commonly used and proven steels and aluminum alloys. This document is not intended to exclude other suitable materials. The selection takes into account the common steel grades for fittings and considers the comparable steels used for piping and pressure vessels. The provisions mentioned in this document are based on the consideration that all other aspects of DIN EN 13445 (all parts), DIN EN 13480 (all parts) and DIN EN 16668:2018 05 are complied with and are based on operational experience. These take into account the operating experience for equipment under static load.



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DIN/TR 2388

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NA 082-00-17 AA - Industrial piping and pipeline; Mirror committee to CEN/TC 267  


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