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DIN EN 1591-1
Flanges and their joints - Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections - Part 1: Calculation; German version EN 1591-1:2013

Title (German)

Flansche und ihre Verbindungen - Regeln für die Auslegung von Flanschverbindungen mit runden Flanschen und Dichtung - Teil 1: Berechnung; Deutsche Fassung EN 1591-1:2013


This European Standard defines a calculation method for bolted, gasketed, circular flange joints. Its purpose is to ensure structural integrity and control of leak tightness. It uses gasket parameters based on definitions and test methods specified in EN 13555. The calculation method is not applicable to joints with a metallic contact out of the sealing face or to joints whose rigidity varies appreciably across gasket width. For gaskets in incompressible materials, which permit large deformations, the results given by the calculation method can be excessively conservative (that is required bolting load too high, allowable pressure of the fluid too low, required flange thickness too large, etcetera). This European Standard has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 74 "Flanges and their joints", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). Regarding the German collaboration, the responsible committee is Working Committee NA 082-00-16 AA "Flansche und ihre Verbindungen" ("Flanges and their joints") at the Piping and Boiler Plant Standards Committee (NARD).

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Responsible national committee

NA 082-00-16 AA - Flanges and their joints; Mirror committee to CEN/TC 74 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 74/WG 10 - Calculation methods 

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