NA 082

DIN Standards Committee Piping and Boiler Plant

ISO/TC 11 -dormant
Boilers and pressure vessels

Standardization of construction of boilers and pressure vessels.


  • railway and marine boilers covered by ISO/TC 8;
  • gas cylinders covered by ISO/TC 58;
  • aircraft and vehicle components covered by ISO/TC 20;
  • equipment used for fire-fighting covered by ISO/TC 21;
  • personal safety equipment covered by ISO/TC 94;
  • components of rotating or reciprocating devices;
  • nuclear pressure equipment covered by ISO/TC 85;
  • piping systems;
  • cryogenic vessels covered by ISO/TC 220.

Note :

Construction is an all-inclusive term that includes design, materials, fabrication, examination, inspection, testing and conformity assessment.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 11

Committee ID Name
NA 082-00-18 AA Boiler plants, Mirror Committee to CEN/TC 269