NA 082

DIN Standards Committee Piping and Boiler Plant

CEN/TC 267
Industrial piping and pipelines

Standardization of rules constituting a design and manufacturing code comprising the choice of materials, design, fabrication, installation, inspection and testing of industrial piping and pipeline, including the choice of safety systems. The meaning of "industrial piping" is the following: Pipes or pipe networks located on the premises of an industrial site. The meaning of "pipelines" is the following: Pipes or pipe networks located outside premises of an industrial site. The following are excluded from the scope of CEN/TC 267: - Pipelines for waste water, and piping for waste water, the latter being directly evacuated via the sewer system outside of industrial premises and/or in the environment (dealt within CEN/TC 165); - Pipelines for gaseous fuels (that is to say any fuel that is in gaseous state at a temperature of 15 °C and at a pressure of 1 bar (dealt with in CEN/TC 234); - Piping and pipelines for water for human consumption (dealt with in CEN/TC 164). Pipelines for petroleum and natural gas industries (dealt with in CEN/TC 12)

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 267

Committee ID Name
NA 082-00-17 AA Industrial piping and pipeline; Mirror committee to CEN/TC 267