NA 080

DIN Standards Committee Radiology


Determination of the maximum symmetrical radiation field from a rotating anode X-ray tube for medical diagnosis


The standard specifies a method for determining the largest, geometrically symmetrical radiation field at a specified distance from the focal spot where the percentage air kerma power along the principal axes does not fall below an allowable value, and it specifies how to specify this radiation field. The standard applies to X-ray sources and X-ray sources with an aperture system equipped with rotating-anode X-ray tubes used in medical diagnostic radiology for techniques in which the X-ray beam relief is received simultaneously at all points on the image-receiving surface. It does not apply to X-ray sources and X-ray sources with an aperture system for special applications that require, for example, greater variations in air kerma power or specific distribution patterns.



Planned document number

DIN EN IEC 60806

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Responsible national committee

NA 080-00-06 AA - Image acquisition systems 



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