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DIN ISO 2859-1
Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection (ISO 2859-1:1999 + Cor. 1:2001 + Amd.1:2011); Text in German and English

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Annahmestichprobenprüfung anhand der Anzahl fehlerhafter Einheiten oder Fehler (Attributprüfung) - Teil 1: Nach der annehmbaren Qualitätsgrenzlage (AQL) geordnete Stichprobenpläne für die Prüfung einer Serie von Losen - (ISO 2859-1:1999 + Cor. 1:2001 + Amd.1:2011); Text in Deutsch und Englisch


Standard ISO 2859-1:1999 has been adopted as DIN ISO 2859-1:2004-01 into the German body of standards. A Technical Corrigendum 1 as well as an Amendment 1 was published for ISO 2859-1:1999. This document represents the consolidated German version of ISO 2859-1:1999 + Corr. 1:2001 + Amd.1:2011 and replaces DIN ISO 2859-1:2004-01 and DIN ISO 2859-1 Corrigendum:2008-02. The committee responsible for this document is Working Committee is NA 147-00-02 AA "Angewandte Statistik" ("Applied statistics") at the Standards Committee Quality Management, Statistics and Certification (NQSZ) of DIN e. V.

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NA 147-00-02 AA - Applied statistics 

Edition 2014-08
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