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DIN 32984
Ground surface indicators in public areas

Title (German)

Bodenindikatoren im öffentlichen Raum


This standard specifies requirements for ground surface indicators and other guide elements in order to improve safety and mobility of blind and visually impaired humans in public areas. The standard specifies the shape and dimensions of the profiles and the necessary luminance contrast of the ground face indicators. Statements are made for the requirements for tactile and visual recognizability. The standard specifies the arrangement of ground surface indicators and describes the usability of other guide elements for blind and visually impaired humans, for example, in publicly accessible facilities, buildings, traffic facilities and road areas, namely in those areas which are accessible for use by the public. Ground surface indicators are installed where no other marking of footways and walking surfaces is provided by other tactile and visually recognizable guiding elements or lane markings. For planning and construction this standard gives typical basic situations with standard solutions which, when observed, which shall create the necessary uniformity which is necessary for reliable orientation. The standard applies for new buildings. It should be analogously applied for the planning of conversions or modernizations. For clarity reasons, the figures in this standard usually do not show details (such as railings, cleaning grooves, colour marking of the bottom steps) which do not directly concern the ground surface indicators. The dimensions are finished dimensions if no special tolerances are given. Deviations from the finished dimensions can only be tolerated as far as the function intended in the standard can be achieved.

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NA 176-06-03 AA - Assistive products for communication and orientation for blind and visually impaired persons  

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