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DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering

DIN 1943 referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
BS EN 12952-15 2003-10-14 Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Acceptance tests More 
DIN EN 12952-15 2004-01 Water tube boilers and auxiliary installations - Part 15: Acceptance tests; German version EN 12952-15:2003 More 
VDI 2045 Blatt 1 1993-08 Acceptance and performance tests on turbo compressors and displacement compressors; test procedure and comparison with guaranteed values More 
VGB M 114 M 1991 VGB-Merkblatt; Wirkungsgradänderungen an Dampfturbinen; Ursachen und Gegenmaßnahmen More 
VGB R 103 M 1998 Guideline for monitoring, limiting and protection devices on steam turbine plants More 
VGB R 115 M 1993-02 Recommendations for the inspection and overhaul of steam turbines More