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DIN EN ISO 3691-5
Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 5: Pedestrian-propelled trucks (ISO 3691-5:2014); German version EN ISO 3691-5:2014

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Flurförderzeuge - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Verifizierung - Teil 5: Mitgängerbetriebene Flurförderzeuge (ISO 3691-5:2014); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 3691-5:2014


This document defines relevant requirements set out in Annex I of EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, relating to machines which were placed on the European Economic Area (EEA) market for the first time, with the intent of simplifying the means of proving conformity with these requirements. Once this standard is designated a harmonized standard in the Official Journal of the European Union, the manufacturer applying this standard may assume compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive (so-called presumption of conformity). This part of DIN EN ISO 3691 applies to safety requirements and the means for their verification for the following types of pedestrian-propelled trucks (hereafter referred to as trucks), equipped with load-handling devices for normal industrial duties, for instance fork arms and platforms, or integrated attachments for special applications like pedestrian-propelled straddle stackers, pallet stackers, industrial trucks with capacities not exceeding 1 000 kg with manual or electrical battery-powered lifting, low-lift pallet trucks with lift height up to 300 mm and rated capacity up to 2 300 kg, scissor-lift pallet trucks with lift heights up to 1 000 mm or rated capacity up to 1 000 kg with manual or electrical battery-powered lifting. This standard is applicable to trucks provided with either manual or electrical battery-powered lifting, operating on smooth, level, hard surfaces. This part deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to the applicable machines when used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. The standard does not establish the additional requirements for climatic conditions, operation in severe conditions (for instance extreme environmental conditions such as freezer applications, high temperatures, corrosive environments, strong magnetic fields), electromagnetic compatibility (emission/immunity), handling of loads the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations (for instance molten metal, acids/alkalis, radiating materials, especially brittle loads), handling suspended loads which may swing freely handling, use on public roads, direct contact with foodstuffs, operation on gradients or on surfaces other than smooth, level, hard surfaces, lifting systems using belts, lifting of persons, trucks with overturning moment greater than 40 000 Nm, scissor-lift trucks whose lifting is powered by external means (electric, pneumatic), roll containers, trucks that are intended to be towed by powered vehicles, trucks designed for special applications (for instance hospitals, restaurant trolleys, trolleys), winch-operated trucks, mobile lifting tables. Hazards relevant to noise, vibration and visibility are not dealt with in this part of ISO 3691. Additional regional requirements within the European Union are dealt with in ISO/TS 3691-7 or EN 16307-5. This document includes the German version of EN ISO 3691-2:2014 which has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 110/SC 2 "Safety of powered industrial trucks" in collaboration with Technical Committee CEN/TC 150 "Safety of powered industrial trucks" at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). In respect to DIN EN ISO 3691-5:2010-09 the following modifications have been made: a) the list of significant hazards has been included as Annex C; b) cross references have been updated; c) technical "errors" in "Lowering speed limitation" have been revised. The national concerns during the preparation were represented by Working Committee NA 060-22-42 AA "Sicherheit von Flurförderfahrzeugen (SpA CEN/TC 150/WG 5, WG 11, WG 12 und ISO/TC 110/SC 2)" ("Safety of powered industrial trucks (mirror committee for CEN/TC 150/WG 5, WG 11, WG 12 and ISO/TC 110/SC 2)") at the department "Fördertechnik" ("Conveyor technology") of the Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee (NAM) at DIN. Representatives of manufacturers and users of powered industrial trucks, and of employers' liability insurance associations have been involved in the preparation.

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NA 060-22-42 AA - Industrial trucks – Safety 

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CEN/TC 150 - Industrial Trucks - Safety 

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