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DIN 15185-2
Industrial trucks - Safety requirement - Part 2: Use in narrow aisles

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Flurförderzeuge - Sicherheitsanforderungen - Teil 2: Einsatz in Schmalgängen


This national standard defines requirements from the Working Place Ordinance, paragraph 1.8, clause 3, stating that sufficient safety distance for pedestrians shall be maintained if means of transport are used on traffic routes. To avoid crushing of the body this safety distance is not less than 500 mm (see DIN EN 349 "Safety of machinery - Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body", 4.2). This safety distance shall be present on both sides of the industrial truck. Industrial trucks with rising operator position and industrial trucks specifically designed to travel with elevated loads to facilitate verification of conformity with these requirements. This standard indicates possibilities through which measures for adequate personal protection can be achieved when the safety distances cannot be maintained due to the system in instances when guided industrial trucks are used in shelved aisles. NA 060-22-44-01 AK "Flurförderzeuge in Schmalgängen" ("Industrial trucks in narrow aisles") of the Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM) is responsible for the preparation of this standard at DIN. The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 15185-2:1993-03: a) adaptation to the state of the art; b) inclusion of requirements for control systems; c) inclusion of requirements for group protection of multiple narrow aisles; d) inclusion of requirements for narrow aisles in which pedestrians and industrial trucks for shelved aisles can be simultaneously as intended; e) inclusion of a test list.

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NA 060-22-44-01 AK - Narrow aisle 

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