NA 001

DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering


Vibration measurement on railway traffic systems - Part 4: Methods for determining the secondary airborne sound


This document lays down procedures for determining the secondary airborne sound generated within rooms by structure-borne sound transmission, which is generated by the interaction between rail vehicle and track. This standard does not specify procedures for continuous measurements to monitor secondary airborne noise in the vicinity of railway tracks. Different methods are used to determine the secondary airborne noise level by measurements, which are divided into the following two categories: - Direct method: Measurement of the secondary airborne noise level using a microphone in the room and vibration of the floor in accordance with DIN 45672-1. - Indirect methods: Conversion of the vibration velocity level measured on the floor into the secondary airborne sound level.



Planned document number

DIN 45672-4

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Responsible national committee

NA 001-03-15 AA - Mitigation of vibration in the vicinity of traffic routes 


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