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Mechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration - Part 2: Practical guidance for measurement at the workplace - Amendment 2 (ISO 5349-2:2001/Amd 2)


This part of ISO 5349 provides guidelines for the measurement and evaluation of hand-transmitted vibration in the workplace in accordance with ISO 5349-1. This part of ISO 5349 describes the precautions to be taken to make representative vibration measurements and to determine the daily exposure time for each operation in order to calculate the 8-h energy-equivalent vibration total value (daily vibration exposure). This part of ISO 5349 provides a means to determine the relevant operations which should be taken into account when determining the vibration exposure. With this amendment an informative annex will be added with a protocol on how to measure vibrations on the human.





Planned document number

DIN EN ISO 5349-2/prA2

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 001-03-07-02 UA - Hand-transmitted vibration 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 231 - Mechanical vibration and shock 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 108/SC 4/WG 3 - Hand-transmitted vibration 


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