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DIN 45669-1
Measurement of vibration immission - Part 1: Vibration meters - Requirements and tests

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Messung von Schwingungsimmissionen - Teil 1: Schwingungsmesser - Anforderungen und Prüfungen


Within the framework of immission protection, measurements are necessary for the detection and evaluation of mechanical vibrations (shock, vibration) which affect buildings or humans in buildings, as well as for testing the efficiency of the protective measures. The measurement uncertainty of the determined results also depends on the accuracy and resistance of the used vibration measuring device (vibration meter). For this reason this standard specifies requirements for vibration measuring devices. Requirements for the frequency and time weightings as a basis for determination of evaluation quantities are given. The requirements can be realised digitally or - as far as it is possible - analogously in the vibration meter. The evaluation of the determined measured values regarding immission protection is not the subject of this standard (refer to DIN 4150-2 and DIN 4150-3). Independent of this, Annex E provides a method allowing for the automation of the evaluation according to Table 1 of DIN 4150-3:1999-02, by establishing the evaluation vibration speed vB for the evaluation of short-term impacts on buildings by frequency weighting. This results in a single number value which can be directly compared with the reference values given in DIN 4150-3 without having to define the decisive frequency for the maximum vibration speed value. The standard also specifies which graded tests according to cost and accuracy are to be carried out by the manufacturer, user or on their behalf in order to prove adherence to the requirements for the vibration meter. Furthermore it specifies which information shall be recorded in the documentation of each test. With regard to DIN 45669-1:1995-06 and DIN 45669-3:2006-06 the following changes have been made: a) the focus is on particular characteristics of digital vibration measuring devices; b) differentiation between accuracy classes has been deleted; c) the standardized term for the vibration meter has been deleted; instead this information shall be given in the data sheet. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 001-03-09 AA (NALS/VDI C 9) "Messung von Schwingungsimmissionen" ("Measurement of vibration immission"). It is supplemented by DIN 45669-2 "Messverfahren" ("Measuring method").

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NA 001-03-09 AA - Measurement of vibration immission 

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