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DIN 45673-1
Mechanical vibration - Resilient elements used in railway tracks - Part 1: Terms and definitions, classification, test procedures

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Mechanische Schwingungen - Elastische Elemente des Oberbaus von Schienenfahrwegen - Teil 1: Begriffe, Klassifizierung, Prüfverfahren


This standard series has been developed as characteristic values had to be determined in the laboratory to describe the static and dynamic properties of resilient elements used in railway tracks, taking into account the final assembly position, and to indicate them in the product description. This shall facilitate comparisons between various products and allow for calculation of the vibration reducing effect. It applies to all kinds of rail vehicle (tramways, underground trains, suburban trains, standard gauge railways). Furthermore, information is given on fitness for purpose tests of resilient elements and pointers on quality control within the framework of quality assurance are provided. However, requirements for the properties of systems with resilient elements are not included in this standard series. The recently published standards are revisions; the 2000 edition of DIN 45673-1 has been divided into several parts. DIN 45673-1 classifies railway tracks with resilient elements and specifies terms and general requirements for laboratory procedures for the determination of static and dynamic properties. The standard takes into account those characteristic values which are related to the vibration reducing effect of a railway track, and therefore to the reduction of vibration emissions and ground-borne noise. Details on laboratory test methods for different types of resilient elements and special requirements are given in parts 5 through 8 of this standard series. This standard series has been prepared by Working Committee NA 001-03-15 AA (NALS/VDI C 15) "Schwingungsminderung in der Umgebung von Verkehrswegen" ("Reduction of vibration in the vicinity of traffic routes").

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NA 001-03-15 AA - Mitigation of vibration in the vicinity of traffic routes 

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