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DIN EN 61094-3
Electroacoustics - Measurement microphones - Part 3: Primary method for free-field calibration of laboratory standard microphones by the reciprocity technique (IEC 61094-3:2016 + COR1:2016); German version EN 61094-3:2016 + AC:2017-01

Title (German)

Elektroakustik - Messmikrofone - Teil 3: Primärverfahren zur Freifeld-Kalibrierung von Laboratoriums-Normalmikrofonen nach der Reziprozitätsmethode (IEC 61094-3:2016 + COR1:2016); Deutsche Fassung EN 61094-3:2016 + AC:2017-01


This part of IEC 61094 applies to laboratory standard microphones that meet the requirements of lEC 61094-1. It specifies a primary method of determining the complex free-field sensitivity of laboratory standard microphones so as to establish a reproducible and accurate basis for the measurement of sound pressure under free-field conditions, - is applicable to laboratory standard microphones meeting the requirements of IEC 610941, - is intended for use by laboratories with highly experienced staff and specialized equipment. The calibration principle described in this part of IEC 61094 also applies to working standard microphones, preferably when used without a protective grille. The standard differs from DIN EN 61094-3:1996-05 as follows: a) calibration of microphones with live shielding configuration added; b) application of time-selective methods to eliminate unwanted reflections and acoustic interference between microphones added in an annex. This standard contains the German version of the European Standard EN 61094-3:2016. The International Standard IEC 61094-3:2016, on which this European Standard is based, has been prepared at Technical Committee 29 "Electroacoustics" of IEC (secretariat DS, Denmark) with German collaboration. Regarding the German collaboration the responsible committee is Joint Committee NA 001-01-03 GA (NALS/DKE A 3) "Schallmessgeräte" ("Sound measuring instruments") under the chairmanship of Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering (NALS) at DIN and VDI.

Responsible national committee

NA 001-01-03 GA - Joint working committee NALS/DKE: Sound measuring instruments  

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