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DIN 10503
Food hygiene - Terminology

Title (German)

Lebensmittelhygiene - Begriffe


Due to the revision of the European hygiene law and the publication of the European Regulation No. 1169/2011 (Food Information Regulation), DIN 10503 has been adjusted to the modified legal situation. The modifications relate mostly to the ordinances cited in this standard and to individual definitions of terms. The definitions of terms contained in the standard have mostly been taken from the currently valid European and national legal provisions. Furthermore, the standard contains other definitions from international and European standards which are important for the handling of foodstuffs. Furthermore, the Annex of the standard contains the information document of the previous BGVV (now BfR) which provides the internationally valid definitions of the Codex Alimentarius for the HACCP system. The standard DIN 10503 has been prepared by Working Group NA 057-02-17 AK "Terminologie" ("Terminology") of Working Committee NA 057-02-01 AA "Lebensmittelhygiene" ("Food hygiene") of Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products (NAL).

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NA 057-02-01-17 AK - Terminology 

Edition 2014-11
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