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DIN EN 16636
Pest management services - Requirements and competences; German version EN 16636:2015

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Schädlingsbekämpfungsdienstleistungen - Anforderungen und Kompetenzen; Deutsche Fassung EN 16636:2015


This European Standard specifies the requirements for pest management services and competences to be met by professional providers of pest management services in order to protect public health, assets and the environment. This European Standard applies to those who have the responsibility for delivering pest management services including the assessment, recommendation and subsequent execution of the defined control and prevention procedures. The requirements set out in this standard are designed to apply to any service provider whose activity falls within this scope, namely the targeted field of application of suitable methods against pests. This European Standard does not apply to delivering services in the area of: - field crop protection; - routine cleaning and disinfection associated with regular contract cleaning services. This document (EN 16636:2014) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 404 "Project Committee - Services of pest management companies", the secretariat of which is held by UNI (Italy). The responsible German committee is NA 057-03-04 AA "Schädlingsbekämpfungsdienstleistungen" ("Pest control") of DIN Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products (NAL).

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NA 057-03-04 AA - Pest control  

Edition 2015-05
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