NA 172

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection

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Projects of NA 172

Number: 97

ISO 14021 DAM 1 2020-06-02 Carbon footprint, carbon neutral More  Comment 
ISO/CD TR 59031 2020-05-20 Circular economy - Performance-based approach - Analysis of cases studies More  Comment 
ISO/WD 59004 2020-05-14 Circular economy - Framework and principles for implementation More  Comment 
ISO/WD 59010 2020-05-14 Circular economy - Guidelines on business models and value chains More  Comment 
ISO/WD 59020 2020-05-14 Circular economy - Measuring circularity framework More  Comment 
ISO/CD 37181 2020-05-12 Smart community infrastructures - Guidance on smart transportation by autonomous vehicle on public roads More  Comment 
ISO/CD 37180 2020-04-30 Smart community infrastructures - Guidance on smart transportation with QR code identification/authentification in transportation and its related/additional services More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 14083 2020-02-24 Greenhouse gases — Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions of transport operations More  Comment 
ISO/WD 14068 2020-02-19 Greenhouse gas management and related activities - Carbon neutrality More  Comment 
ISO/WD 37173 2020-02-07 Smart Community Infrastructures:Development Guidelines for Information-based Systems of Smart Buildings More  Comment