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DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection


DIN CEN/TR 16208; DIN SPEC 33928:2011-07
Biobased products - Overview of standards; German version CEN/TR 16208:2011

Title (German)

Biobasierte Produkte - Übersicht über Normen; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 16208:2011


Technical Report


DIN SPEC 33928 is the national version of the European Technical Report CEN/TR 16208. This Technical Report contains a list of standards, documents and other publications, related to bio-based products. These are evaluated in accordance with their relevance to pre-defined criteria, their respective scopes are described and their usability in regards to bio-based products is assessed. This Technical Report has been prepared by CEN/BT/WG 209, in the framework of Mandate M/429 on the development of a standardization programme for bio-based products. After the work of CEN/BT/WG 209 was finalised in Summer 2010 with its final report to the European Commission, this Technical Report will be published under the secretariat leadership of the CEN. NA 172-00-11 AA "Biobasierte Produkte" ("Bio-based products") is responsible on the national level at the Principles of Environmental Protection Standards Committee (NAGUS) at DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, e. V.

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NA 172-00-11 AA - Bio-based products 

Edition 2011-07
Original language German
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