NA 173

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Standardization


Standardization; Supplement 3: Notes and information for the development, publication and application of standards


This supplement contains basic principles for all those involved in the development and drafting of standards as well as those who use standards in practice. This supplement has been prepared by Working Committee NA 173-00-01 AA Normungsgrundsätze (ANG) of DIN-Normenausschuss Grundlagen der Normungsarbeit (DIN Standards Committee Standardization Principles). This supplement is intended to clarify standards work and has been created as an additional tool in assisting the experts with their participation in committee work. It also serves as a helpful guide for users of standards in applying standards in practice. In this supplement, the texts from Clause 6 Principles and information on the application of DIN Standards from DIN-Normenheft 10 (DIN Standards Guide 10), Basic principles of standards work have been included, as well as additional information. DIN's brochure Kleines 1x1 der Normung (Step-by-step into standards work) was developed for new users of standards, and for SMEs the brochure Umgang mit Normung und Normen (Working with standardization and standards effectively). The information in this supplement also applies to specifications. Further, this supplement highlights key elements of active participation in standards work for new members.



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DIN 820 Beiblatt 3

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NA 173-00-01 AA - Standardization principles 

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Standardization; Supplement 3: Notes and information for the development, publication and application of standards

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