NA 173

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Standardization

Technical rule [CURRENT]

DIN 820 Beiblatt 3
Standardization; Supplement 3: Notes and information for the development, publication and application of standards

Title (German)

Normungsarbeit; Beiblatt 3: Hinweise und Informationen für das Erstellen, Veröffentlichen und Anwenden von Normen


This Supplement is intended to provide an understanding of standardization work and has been prepared for experts to facilitate committee work as a supplement to the principles of standardization (technical compendium for users of standards) and as an aid for the user of standards. In addition, approaches to active participation in standardization work are indicated. This Supplement has been prepared by Working Committee NA 173-00-01 AA "Normungsgrundsätze" ("Standardization principles") at DIN Standards Committee Principles of Standardization (NAGLN).

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NA 173-00-01 AA - Standardization principles  

Edition 2016-10
Original language German
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