NA 032

DIN Standards Committee Gas Technology


Coatings for mechanical protection of buried or submerged pipelines - Part 1: Quality assurance for factory-made coatings


The coatings mentioned in the standard serve exclusively to protect the underlying corrosion protection coating according to DIN 30670-1, -2, DIN 30678-1, -2 or DIN EN ISO 21809-1 or other corrosion protection coatings against damage caused by particularly high mechanical impacts during handling, pipe bending at the construction site, laying in rocky areas, pipe bedding and backfilling of the pipe trench with excavated material containing stones or with sharp edges. Sand bedding is usually not required due to the use of these additional jackets. Special designs can be used for some sheathings, such as fibre cement mortar coatings in the special design or glass-fibre reinforced plastic coatings, which is exposed to special loads, such as those that occur during trenchless installation. Special loads, such as those occurring in dynamic pressing processes, must be checked in each individual case. However, multi-layer systems with an additional thermoplastic outer sheath made of mechanically more resistant layers of polypropylene or polyamide are also used as mechanical protective coating. For this purpose, the protective coating made of polypropylene or polyamide is extruded onto the existing corrosion protection coating in a separate work step with the desired layer thickness.



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DIN 30340-1

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NA 032-02-09 AA - External Corrosion 



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