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DIN CEN/TR 16478; DIN SPEC 31008:2013-05
Surveillance from first commissioning on measuring devices used in natural gas supply to the installations of the activities under the Directive 2003/87/EC establishing a scheme of CO₂ emissions trading; German version CEN/TR 16478:2012

Title (German)

Überwachung von Messgeräten in der Erdgasversorgung ab der Erstzulassung auf Anlagen von Tätigkeiten, die unter die Richtlinie 2003/87/EG zur Einrichtung eines Systems zum CO₂-Emissionshandel fallen; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 16478:2012


Technical Report


Scope: This Technical Report establishes minimum provisions for the surveillance, based on available standards from first commissioning, of devices and systems with measuring function throughout their technical life when used in the activities of the categories listed in the Annex I of the EU Directive 2003/87/EC. It does so in order to ensure the compliance with the expected maximum allowable difference of indication. This Technical Report applies to devices/systems with the function to measure: - volumetric or mass amount of natural gas consumption (any type of gas meters), - volumetric amount of natural gas consumption at specified base conditions (conversion devices), - composition of natural gas (gas chromatographs), for calculating, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the guidelines C(2007) 3416, the amount of the CO2 emissions from the source stream of natural gas. Potential users: The scope of the Technical Report is directed at operators of installations of the categories listed in Annex I of the European Directive 2003/87/EC. Potential industrial sector: Heat generating systems with a firing system heat input exceeding 20 MW (excepting installations for burning hazardous or urban waste), mineral oil refineries carbon dioxide, coking plants, iron and steel production, mineral processing industries, industrial installations for production of chemical pulp made of wood and other pulps, paper and cardboard with a production capacity exceeding 20 tons per day. Justification/value of the standard: Within the European Union, at the time of writing of this document, there was no common guideline dealing with how to ensure an established difference of indication of a natural gas metering equipment in the use throughout their technical life. The associated risk is associated with how to manage those greenhouse gas emissions data declared by different Member States that are not completely comparable because of their determination by calculations based on consumption of natural gas data not homogeneous with regard to the reliability of the accuracy of their measurements. Nature of the standard: This Technical Report is a proposal addressed to the Commission and the Member States in order to develop a consistent procedure that would enable an equivalent determination of the CO2 amounts of emissions across the EU countries.

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