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DIN CEN/TR 16395; DIN SPEC 33820:2012-12
Gas infrastructure - CEN/TC 234 Pressure Definitions - Guideline Document; German version CEN/TR 16395:2012

Title (German)

Gas-Infrastruktur - CEN/TC 234 Druckdefinitionen - Leitliniendokument; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 16395:2012


Technical Report


The standards published by CEN/TC 234 "Gas infrastructure" contain a large number of definitions for design, testing and operation of various parts of infrastructure. This document explains the CEN/TC 234 concept, which is based on the definitions and gives guidance on how the definitions shall be used correctly and consistently. In order to achieve this aim a list of the existing definitions has been prepared and the primary definitions have been identified. This document provides a guideline for selection of components which fall into the scope of the European Pressure Equipment Directive and which are used in gas infrastructure. Apart from the consistency of the print definitions in the standards, the topic of pressure rating of equipment and systems shall be dealt with. Other classifications (for example, PN) do not necessarily completely correspond with the classifications defined in the standards of CEN/TC 234. The European pressure designations and associated definitions have, in the meantime, been adopted identically in terms of wording from the European Standards into the technical rules of the DVGW. Nevertheless, the normative references with regard to the setting of the gas pressure regulators are sometimes specified differently in the national technical rules in Germany. The connections described in this document are therefore only applicable when the specifications of the European Standards are used. This document is exclusively for information purposes for use of the described pressure definitions in connection with the application of the European Standards of CEN/TC 234. The normative specifications in the European standards take precedence over the information contained in this document. In the case of deviating normative specifications contained in national documents on sets of rules, they take precedence over the specifications in the European Standards. It is intended to incorporate this document into the code of practice of the DVGW.

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NA 032-02-04-01 AK - Mirror Committee CEN/TC 234/WG 6 

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CEN/TC 234/WG 6 - Gas pressure regulation 

Edition 2012-12
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