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Lifecycle record of technical objects - Part 2: Digital Lifecycle record


This document specifies the information technology implementation of lifecycle records of technical objects according to DIN 77005-1 in the format of an information model. The requirements for lifecycle records according to DIN 77005-1 are specified and developed further in this document for implementation as digital lifecycle records. This document applies to the exchange and joint processing of digital lifecycle records. The requirements of this document enable fundamental compatibility between digital lifecycle records and their related software systems (e.g. enterprise resource planning systems, document management systems or product lifecycle management systems). The requirements of this standard concern the transfer and adoption of digital lifecycle records as well as the access to documented information in the object lifecycle. This standard is intended for software manufacturers of software products that import, process and export digital lifecycle records for technical objects and for object manufacturers who provide digital lifecycle records together with a product. Persons who are responsible for the provision or maintenance of digital lifecycle records or the creation, use and quality assurance of asset-related information will receive application notes on information management in the asset lifecycle with the information model. Users of digital lifecycle records can use the requirements and information technology implementations described in this document as a basis for their work and information exchange processes.



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DIN 77005-2

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NA 159-04-01-01 AK - Lifecycle record of technical objects 


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