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Human resource management - Diversity and inclusion (ISO 30415:2021)


Recognizing and leveraging D&I can be critical for organizations seeking to increase innovation, and enhance their resilience, sustainability and reputation. Developing an inclusive workplace requires an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) to address inequalities in organizational systems, policies, processes and practices, as well as people’s conscious and unconscious biases and behaviours. This document provides guidance on D&I for organizations, including their governance body, leaders, workforce and recognized representatives, and other stakeholders. It is intended to be scalable to the needs of all types of organizations in different sectors, whether in public, private, government or non-governmental organizations (NGO), regardless of size, type, activity, industry or sector, growth phase, external influences and country-specific requirements. This document presents fundamental prerequisites for D&I, associated accountabilities and responsibilities, recommended actions, suggested measures and potential outcomes. It recognizes that each organization is different and that decision makers need to determine the most appropriate approach to embedding D&I in their organization, based on the organization’s context and any disruptive challenges that emerge. This document does not address the specific aspects of relations with labour unions or work councils, or country-specific compliance, legal requirements or litigation.



Planned document number

DIN ISO 30415

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Responsible national committee

NA 159-01-19 AA - Human resource management  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 260 - Human resource management  

draft standard

Human resource management - Diversity and inclusion (ISO 30415:2021); Text in German and English
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