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Private security services - Protection of Critical Infrastructure - Part 3: Maritime and port security services; German and English version prEN 17483-3:2022


This document includes the sector specific requirements for the provision of private security services for maritime and port security that are additional to the regulations of EN 17483-1:2021. This European Standard is a service standard that specifies requirements for the quality of the organization, operations, personnel and management of a security service provider and/or its independent branches and establishments under commercial law and trade as a provider of security services in ports and at sea. This European Standard does not apply to security services provided by private security companies that are subject to special rules and conditions and/or involve a specific high-risk situation and/or the use of heavy weapons and/or special training and/or government supervision, such as security services related to piracy. This European Standard specifies quality criteria for the provision of security services in and for ports and related to maritime activities requested and contracted by public and private clients or buyers. This European Standard is therefore suitable for the selection, assignment, award and verification of the most appropriate provider of port and maritime security services.





Planned document number

DIN EN 17483-3

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 159-01-02 AA - Private security services 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 439/WG 1 - Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) 

draft standard

Private security services - Protection of Critical Infrastructure - Part 3: Maritime and port security services; German and English version prEN 17483-3:2022
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previous edition(s)

Maritime and port security services; German version EN 16747:2015

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