NA 099

DIN Standards Committee Steel Wire and Wire Products


Surface finish of steel wires - Designations and abbreviations thereof


This document specifies designations and their abbreviations for the surface finish of steel wires. This standard is applicable to steel wires whose surface finish results from the operations normally used in wire refining. This standard does not apply to steel wires whose surface finish is obtained by special processes. These include steel wires with coatings produced by galvanic (electrolytic) nickel plating, chromium plating, cadmium plating, etc., or by enamelling, or whose already existing metallic coatings are subsequently chemically treated.



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DIN 1653

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NA 099-00-01 AA - Steel wire 

draft standard

Surface finish of steel wires - Designations and abbreviations thereof
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Surface Condition of Commercial Steel Wires; Denominations and Abbreviations thereof

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