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DIN 18177
Wet-felt factory-produced mineral panels - Characteristics and test methods

Title (German)

Werksmäßig im Nassverfahren hergestellte Mineralplatten - Kennwerte und Prüfverfahren


Mineral panels are wet-felt factory-produced fixed panels (raw panels or refined panels). Due to their characteristics, mineral panels are particularly suitable for use for fire protection, sound protection and heat protection measures. Wet-felt mineral panels can be fixed by different methods, for instance by stapling, nailing, screwing, adhesion, or loose within structure. Mineral panels are normally used as noise protection panels, fire protection panels, inlay or cladding for suspended roof structures, door inlays, cladding for building constructions, wall and ceiling elements, etcetera. This standard specifies material characteristics of wet-felt produced mineral panels. It does not specify requirement levels for a specified characteristic which a product shall fulfil in order to be suitable for a particular application. The applications and their requirements shall be taken from the corresponding sets of rules or applicable standards.

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NA 005-09-80 AA - Suspended ceilings (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 277) 

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