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DIN EN 16783
Thermal insulation products - Product category rules (PCR) for factory made and in-situ formed products for preparing environmental product declarations; German version EN 16783:2017

Title (German)

Wärmedämmstoffe - Produktkategorieregeln (PCR) für werkmäßig hergestellte und an der Verwendungsstelle hergestellte Wärmedämmstoffe zur Erstellung von Umweltproduktdeklarationen; Deutsche Fassung EN 16783:2017


This standard provides rules for the assessment and quantification of parameters describing the environmental impact of thermal insulation products to prepare environmental product declarations. It defines complementary product category rules for thermal insulation products based on the core rules for all construction products established in EN 15804. These rules are intended to be used in conjunction with EN 15804. These PCR apply to all CEN/TC 88 thermal insulation product Standards (EN 13162 to EN 13171, EN 14063-1, EN 14064-1, EN 14303 to EN 14309, EN 14313, EN 14314, EN 14315-1 to EN 14320, EN 14933, EN 14934, prEN 15100-1, EN 15101-1, EN 15501, EN 15599-1, EN 15600-1, EN 16069) in order to minimize intra-sectoral deviations. These PCR are also valid for thermal insulation products outside of CEN/TC88 and for thermal insulation products involved in other CEN TCs. As in EN 15804, the results from the assessment are expressed following the modularity principle in a form that allows aggregation (addition) to provide complete information for construction works. These PCR do not deal with aggregation at the construction works level nor does it describe the rules for applying the environmental parameters in a construction works assessment. The reduction in energy used and the reduction of emissions produced during the installed life of insulation products exceed by far the energy used and in most cases the emissions occurring during the production, installation and disposal processes. This European Standard provides the product category rules (PCR) for Type III environmental declarations (as in EN 15804) for factory made and in situ thermal insulation products. Complementary to EN 15804, the PCR described in this European Standard: - specify the declared unit to be used; - define the system boundaries for thermal insulation products; - specify or describe standard scenarios and rules for defining scenarios for each of the life cycle information modules A-D (provides guidance for determining the reference service life (RSL) of thermal insulation products); - specify the process of declaration and reporting in the context of the product standard. These PCR are intended to be used for cradle to gate, cradle to gate with options or cradle to grave assessment, provided the intention is properly stated in the system boundary description. Committee NA 005-56-60 AA "Wärmedämmstoffe (SpA zu CEN/TC 88 und WG 1 bis 9, WG 12 bis 21, ISO/TC 61/SC 10, ISO/TC 163 (teilweise), ISO/TC 163/SC 1 und SC 3)" ("Thermal insulation materials (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 88 and WG 1 to 9, WG 12 to 21, ISO/TC 61/SC 10, ISO/TC 163 (partly), ISO/TC 163/SC 1 and SC 3)") at DIN is responsible for this standard.

Responsible national committee

NA 005-56-60 AA - Thermal insulation materials (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 88 and WG 1 to 9, WG 12 to 16, WG 19 to 23, ISO/TC 61/SC 10, ISO/TC 163 (partly), ISO/TC 163/SC 1 and SC 3 (partly))  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 88/WG 2 - Coordinating group  

Edition 2017-07
Original language German
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