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DIN EN 12004
Adhesives for tiles - Requirements, evaluation of conformity, classification and designation; German version EN 12004:2007+A1:2012

Title (German)

Mörtel und Klebstoffe für Fliesen und Platten - Anforderungen, Konformitätsbewertung, Klassifizierung und Bezeichnung; Deutsche Fassung EN 12004:2007+A1:2012


This document (EN 12004:2007+A1:2012) has been prepared by CEN/TC 67 "Ceramic tiles", the secretariat of which is held by UNI (Italy). The responsible German committee is Working Committee NA 005-09-82 AA "Keramische Fliesen und Platten (SpA zu CEN/TC 67 und ISO/TC 189)" ("Ceramic tiles (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 67 and ISO/TC 189)") at the Building and Civil Engineering Standards Committee (NABau) at DIN. This European Standard is applicable to ceramic tile cementitious adhesives, dispersion adhesives and reaction resin adhesives for internal and external tile installations on walls and floors. This standard gives the terminology concerning the products, working methods, application properties, etcetera, for ceramic tile adhesives. This European Standard specifies the values of performance requirements for ceramic tile adhesives (cementitious, dispersion and reaction resin adhesives). This European Standard does not provide criteria or recommendations for the design and installation of ceramic tiles. It is essential that the characteristics of the construction products defined in this standard consider that the normal stresses due to the works for which they are intended, assembled or installed, can be properly accommodated. Some special characteristics will take into account the type of substrate and that the adhesives should resist the degrading actions of climate, etcetera. Many properties of adhesives for tiling are mainly determined by the type of binders used. Different types of tile adhesives are defined according to the chemical nature of their binders. The different types have specific characteristics in terms of their application properties and final performance. The relationship between characteristics and the working conditions (dry or humid conditions, hot climate, fast setting, etcetera) is not given in this standard. The manufacturer should give information about the use of the product and the correct conditions of use. The specifier should evaluate the state of the job site (mechanical and thermal influences) and choose the appropriate product considering all the possible risks. Compared with DIN EN 12004:2007-10, the following changes have been made: a) the standard has been technically and editorially revised; b) the scope has been rendered more precise; c) normative references have been updated; d) 4.4 and 4.5 have been revised completely and a new Table 4 has been added; e) 5.3 has been extended; f) the former Table 4 is now Table 5 and has been extended to include specifications concerning the reaction to fire; g) 5.6 and 5.7 on initial inspection of factory and FPC and on continuous surveillance of FPC have been added; h) the former Table 5 has been replaced by a new Table 6; i) the status of Annex A has been changed from informative to normative; j) Annex ZA has been completely revised.

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-09-82 AA - Ceramic tiles (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 67, ISO/TC 189 and ISO/TC 328) 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 67/WG 3 - Products for installation of ceramic tiles 

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